Cloud Based Computing

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

The Cloud:  Helping your Small Business

09/04/14 Written by JC Rucker

Cloud based computing

Most small businesses don’t have the capital to hire an entire IT department. So when the talk about increasing your companies technical capabilities comes up most of these owners immediately think of the cost. Truly there was a time where it was too much. It was easier to have your one computer at home or in some back office and just leave any updating to time.

Creative Clarity wants small business owners to know this is no longer the case. There are very cost efficient ways to improve your technical capabilities and one of these involves cloud based software. What’s that? Well, Cloud based software (also called cloud computing) enables companies to access software and servers located in a secure data center, maintained by the software provider. These free or subscriber-based services are delivered in real time over the Internet. Many attributes of cloud computing very attractive.

You already do it.

Email is one instance of cloud computing. You are accessing information that is stored securely on a server and you have that access 24/7. This is the simplest example of cloud computing but it can lead to more complex ideas. One of our services includes in the package email domains and accounts.


Remote access allows the employer and the employees to access their workspace from virtually anywhere. At Creative Clarity we have extensive experience with software like Amazon workspaces which which creates a virtual desktop available to be accessed from any platform. We also, through our CreativeCloud arm, setup a cloud instance for any client to run things such as WordPress, Cube Cart, Photo Galleries, Joomla, and more, easily, securely, and fast

It’s Cheap.

Cloud based computing is very cost effective. Remember, you’re not hiring a team of IT professionals to transfer your data now. You are in control. With a little help, Creative Clarity can empower you with the tools to remove those guys from the equation. We want to help you help yourself.

You can do it now.

It’s really easy to start, but for a novice it can be a little daunting. If you need help navigating through the hundreds of websites that off cloud computing or even want a member of our team to set this up for you we can do that and more. It starts with this but evolves and Creative Clarity is here to guide.

If you would like to meet with us at our office located in Bellevue and discuss all that we can do for your cloud computing needs call us at (615) 454-5678, or even send us an email @ we’ll help determine your cloud based needs and together we’ll work to make your small dream a big one. Cloud based computing and Creative Clarity. Two things that will make your business run smoother.