How We Work

How Creative Clarity solutions clients in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Mount Juliet, surround areas, and nationally.

Offering a better form of IT Consulting and Development

  • Step 1 – Information Gathering

    Order Intake

    Creative Clarity Solutions offer a smart method of consulting, operational process improvement, process and technology optimization and automation with a niche for design and creativity. Why not go a different route – with a development firm that is a fully inclusive, comprehensive, 360 degree solutions provider.

    At Creative Clarity Solutions, we understand that every client is different. It’s because of this that our team of experts will be with you every step of the way from helping you decide what the best options are for your project through completion and beyond.

    A knowledgable Creative Clarity Solutions sales consultant will speak with you either in-person or over the phone and help you determine the products and services that will best suit your individual needs at the price that fits within your budget.

  • Step 2 – Design

    Graphic Design / Visual Element Creation

    The fulfillment process begins with design, where our graphic artists will put together a visual representation of your project. Because every project is different, the elements that you receive may vary but typically include a flat, .JPG graphic of how our team envisions your website / logo / application looking.

    This is also the stage where your custom content creation and search engine optimization will begin, if necessary.

  • Step 3 – Design Feedback

    Your Reaction

    We will be looking for your honest, initial feedback on the visual element that has been created by your design team. It is important to remember that this is not your final product, but rather the starting point. Often times there will be animated or interactive elements of your project that are not present or functional at this stage.

    It is our goal to receive approval on our first try, but because design is so subjective, that does not always happen. If revisions are required, your design team will work with you to create a prototype that meets your satisfaction.

    Design Approval

    Once you are happy with the visual elements of your project, we will be looking to receive approval from you to move forward onto the next step.

    Approval does not mean that you are unable to make changes from that point on, but rather gives our team an indication that you are satisfied with the bones of the project. At this stage, we are looking to solidify things such as colors, photos and layout / structure.

    This step is important because once development begins, edits to your project will take significantly longer than they do during the design phase.

  • Step 4 – Development


    On web or application projects, our development team will take the visual elements created by the design team and form them into a fully-functional, interactive element for you to preview.

    Step 4 – Development Feedback

    Your Reaction

    Once the fully-functional preview has been created, we will be once again looking for your feedback.

    Interactive elements such as jQuery and Flash animation, links, video, social media, etc. should be functional at this point, meanig that what you see on the preview will essentially be the same as your final product, should you approve the project as-is.

    Final Edits

    If any elements need final changes, they must be completed at this time.

    Development Approval

    At this stage, we will be looking to get your final approval on the project to go “live.” All content, photos, interactive elements, etc. should be placed in their proper locations and any placeholding graphics will be removed.

  • Step 5 – Release

    Project Completion

    Congratulations! Your project is now ready for use in the real world.

  • Step 6 – Maintenance (Web Sites & Applications)

    Worry-Free Updates

    For many clients, the biggest concern is that once their project has been completed that they wil be left alone to fend for themselves on any future updates, changes or even complete overhauls.

    Creative Clarity Solutions understands that not everyone is a developer. You have other things to worry about than trying to figure out what the latest coding tricks are to make your web site or application function the way that you had envisioned.

    The basic web maintenance service from Creative Clarity Solutions will take the worry out updates. You will work with a trained professional who will answer your questions, make suggestions and implement changes in a timely manner, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.