Creative Clarity Has It Going On

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Creative Clarity Has It Going On

Yes, the ALL SOLUTIONS company, offering IT development and consulting, whether it be web/client development and programming, process automation, tuning, optimization, or systems integration, offers even more than that. The CEO/Founder, Michael Amburgey, is also the owner of Creative Clarity’s sister company – meet ClarityHCS.


Advanced Technology

Clarity HCS is Creative Clarity’s sister company, that utilizes some of the most cutting edge technologies and proven information systems and data transformation processes, making ClarityHCS capable of providing a holistic solution to any Healthcare provider, system, broker, or manager.

Healthcare Solutions


ClarityHCS specializes in bringing in a very seasoned, yet fresh look at any operational aspect and find new ways to reduce cost, improve performance, increase efficiency, optimize, and automate across front and back office, IT, Operations, Sales, and Management.

On-site Availability

ClarityHCS understands that timing is everything, but sometimes so is being up front and in the thick of things with our client, seeing first hand how their organization or department functions in order to best understand pain-points or opportunities.

To learn more about ClarityHCS and what the company can do you for visit or call 615-454-5678.