Why Your Logo Is The Best Marketing Tool For Your Company

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Why Your Logo Is The Best Marketing Tool For Your Company

Go ahead, think of today’s top companies. What comes to mind? Not the CEO sitting in his ridiculously comfortable leather arm chair, not the Vice President of Sales or mister Director of Operations, but a solitary image – the logo. And Creative Clarity Solutions will make one for you.


Where its worked

Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Nike, Google, McDonalds, Starbucks, bp, Pepsi, etc. The common factor between all of these companies? You can tell me what each company’s logo looks like. Vividly, I am sure.

What exactly will a logo do for my company?

The logo is the face of your company. It’s at every meeting, on every product, hanging out with customers at their house, and on commercials ubiquitously. It is the customer’s first impression of your company and a friendly familiar face. Logos are the best marketing tool for your company because they can easily be remembered, and therefore so will your company.

Well, what should mine look like?

We’ve got that taken care of. Our professional and talented team knows exactly how to brand your company putting your best foot forward. The color of your company’s logo can affect emotions. For example, orange makes someone think of sunshine and the tropics, while pink makes someone feel sweet and girly. Logos can also tell a story and explain what your company is without words; think of Instgram. The camera logo gives the idea that the company has to do with pictures. So whatever point  you want to get across when a person sees your company, we can make happen.

 How much will it cost?

BP_Logo.svg      why-is-twitter-s-logo-named-after-larry-bird--b8d70319da

Bp spent $211,000,000 on its logo, Pepsi spend $1,000,000, and twitter spent $15. No matter how large or small your project, Creative Clarity will tailor your needs so that it falls within your budget. We also understand that once the project is completed, you may still have questions or need consultation. We are always here for you to call and will free your concerns of whatever they may be.

Call us today if you want to get your logo started or if you have any questions at all. (615) 454-5678 or visit us online at www.creative-clarity.com.

You have an idea.

We make it a reality.