Data Analytics Do Help!

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

What is your target demographic?

If you can’t answer this, then analytics are an area you need to focus on and Creative Clarity can help!

We use tools everyday that have built in data analytic functions. Google, Facebook, Twitter, all of these daily used platforms have an analytic tool of some sort and they can all help you figure out a few very specific things.

Who’s viewing me?

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Who’s my demographic?

The greatest thing about these data analytic tools is their ability to show you your demographic data. This could be age, gender, and even nationality. This information can be and is very useful to you because it let’s you know who to target with your social media posts, or even your commercial offers and advertisements. If you’re selling purses but your posts are only reaching men between 18-24 then that’s pertinent data and from that you can see where to go.


Tracking the analytics of engagement is a must. Engagements can tell you which posts or which pages of a site people are actually clicking on. Using this info we can help you tailor your future activity to mirror your most engaged posts.

Search Engine Optimization

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What key words do I need?

This is a point that Creative Clarity really works hard in. Through analytical data you can tell what it is people are searching for and if you have that information through out your web presence and if you do is it there enough, through the use of keywords and tags. These keywords and tags are what popular search engines use to filter through the many websites and present to users the most pertinent ones.

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What can this information do for me?

This is by far the best part. All the analytic data you collect can empower you to transform your company. The top businesses are not ones set in stone, but are the ones that develop like living organisms. They react to the needs and wants of their demographic, and adapt to reach the demographic that they want.

If you’re not using these tools, that are readily available to you, then you may just end up seeing yourself left behind. Don’t do this! Creative Clarity is here to help!



So give us a call at 615-454-5678 and let’s get your analytic needs taken care of, or email us at and tell us if your current site needs work. We’re here and ready to make your dreams, any size, become reality.