Elements of Great Web Design

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

What makes a Website Design Great?

Now you may already have a great website. It may be chic and beautiful, but is it really great? When Creative Clarity tackles a new site design or a total redesign we hit a few key points.


Content can mean many things. Information, pictures, links, buttons,etc… How does your site rank with content? Is it content heavy? Is it too lite. We try to find the middle ground with content when we tackle web design. If your brand is a manufacturer then maybe you need a lot of content to explain what it is you make. We try to bring that content out while making the site still not too visually heavy. Maybe even including e-commerce sources such as Paypal, or any other source you already use.

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We try to make your user experience a smooth one. We stray away from having to click too much through out your site just to find the information or content your users are looking for. If your content isn’t hidden 5 pages down it makes for a better user experience. They know that with you the process of getting the service you offer is simply a few clicks away and that means a return customer.


Responsive Web Design, Ms. Kelli's Karaoke Bar

Desktop/Tablet View

Space is one of the most important web design tools because it dictates everything—from flow, to readability. Designers are beginning to use space in ways that we did not see on the web a decade ago. More site designs include vast spaces, increased spacing between lines of text, and an overall use of open space.

Key spatial relationships include consistency in spacing. Similar elements should include similar spacing. The amount of space between lines in a paragraph should be the same, as should the amount of wrap around images.

Space is also important when it comes to creating a focal point for users. An image or piece of text surrounded by white space will appear larger and more important than one that is crammed into a smaller or tighter location in the design.

Call to Actionpriorityreoservices

In most instances, a website is the gateway to an action – make a sale, provide information, gather contact information. To ensure this action, calls to action prompts need to be obvious and strong.First, determine what your site is supposed to do. Then design it so that action is obvious and lead users to it. The call to action should make it to where your users find out, from page 1, how to gain the service you’re providing.

Style2014-08-26 16_44_51-(1) Creative Clarity Hosting _ Webmail __ Add new portfolio entries to creative

The overall style of your site should be related to your type of business and incorporate elements of your brand, i.e. your logo or business card color palette. If you’re an artsy type of company then your website design should reflect the artsy community. The same goes for tech brands.

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These are just a few of the elements we hit. We incorporate a lot more and are willing to work to make your site the web design you want it to be. So give us a call at 615-454-5678 and let’s get your website needs taken care of, or email us at support@creative-clarity.com and tell us if your current site needs work. We’re here and ready to make your dreams, any size, become reality.