Excellent Web Design

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

What makes excellent web design?

There are many different ways to make a web site and many different principles for good design, but what makes excellent design? Creative Clarity asks this question before every website is done. We take the extra steps to make sure your web design provides the best user experience, and that your website goes from good to excellent. A few of those principles are widely known to all designers.

Make The User Experience Simple

From navigation to content, make the experience simple for your users. We shy away from too much content to quickly. Each page should give just enough information to satisfy your user, but also lead them to dig deeper. Links should be easy to follow, and open to a new tab. Your sitemap should be self explanatory and never too complicated. Most people enjoy simpler sites were the information or product is easily found and not hidden among other things.

Content Should Be Quickly Available

Accessibility of Speed is a term used to express how quickly it takes to get from your homepage to the desired content. The quicker the better. Optimally, this is one to two mouse clicks, but it can differ. The goal is to make it as quick as possible, because if it is not users will find a site with better web design to go to.

Make it Search Engine Friendly

SEO is the term we use for how to make your site more searchable in a search engine. Before entering information into your web pages you should identify 10 to 12 keywords that someone might use with search engines to find your Website. Once you have identified those keywords you then need to incorporate them into the content of your pages.

Always remember “It should not be what you want but rather what they want”.

A website should be something you’re proud of. You want to call it your own, but remember the main user of your site will be your customers or potential ones at that. So when consulting about your web design keep in mind that it’s there display what you want others to see.

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