Karaoke Done Simpler

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Moving Forward

Any good karaoke dj knows by now that the old school way of doing things can’t go on much longer. If you’re not one step ahead of everything then you’re behind.  So what’s the next step. We already moved from physical cdg’s to a digital format. What’s after that? hiVolume Social Music App

That’s the question we asked ourselves at Creative Clarity and we think we found the answer in a brand new start up called This app will bring karaoke to a new level.

Previous Post: The Social Music App will bring the power to sign up for your songs and browse a karaoke database at your favorite bar to your fingertips. Want to know more? Follow the link to the site and you can enter your information for early beta access! You can become part of this new social experience.

What to expect?

We will keep everyone updated as much as possible, but the one thing that we’ll need is feedback. Comment and tell us what you think. Ideas will help the brand and app shape and grow to foot the most important people. The users. Just make sure you sign up for the early beta access, like and share Facebook and Twitter posts from Creative Clarity and, and comment on either. We want this to be a community!


To take part in this community make sure you go to to sign up for early beta access. If you’d like to speak with Creative Clarity about how we can help you with a commercial app or even  an app for your business email us at or call us at 615-454-5678.