Interview Tips for Your Dream Job

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

How to Ace the Interview of a Lifetime.

August 26, 2014
Written by JC RuckerInterview

So you’ve landed an interview at what you hope is the dream job? That position that takes you from job to career. You are so excited. Excited enough that the thought of the interview makes you nervous. What if you mess up? What if you say the wrong thing?

Well if you want to avoid those slip ups then first things first. Here are a few interview tips.

1. Calm Down.

This is the interview for your dream job right? Well, obviously to get to that point they had to like something about you. Just remember that. Something about what they saw on paper about you made them call you in for an interview.

2. Be prepared.

Remember what’s on your resume and be ready to explain any part of it in brief detail. Also be ready to talk about yourself. Remember to explain why you are a fit fo the company and also let them know about who you are. Do you volunteer? Did you have military service?

3. Ask your own questions.

You’d be surprised at how asking a question back at the interviewers can throw them off their game and impress them. It shows that you are serious and you’re making sure they are too.

4. Dress like you’re already there.

It’s one thing to dress nice. It’s another to dress up too nice. If the company you’re interviewing for wears polo shirts and khakis and you show up in your finest regalia it might put some people off. If you show up in polo shirt, khaki pants, and a blazer, then you seem like you’re one of the other employees with just a minor flare.

5. Be positive!Dream job confidence

Keep a smile on your face and engage the interviewer! If you make them feel like you belong and that you want to be there, then you’ll be there!