Mobile App Development

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Mobile App Development for your Business

09/05/14 Written by JC Rucker

Mobile App Development

We can start this whole thing off by saying, no, not every company needs a mobile application. However, it doesn’t hurt to brainstorm about it. CCS offers the services to take your most precious investment, and make it mobile. Now Mobile is a broad term. Your mobile app could be as simple as a launcher for your mobile responsive web page. CCS would never stop that short. It’s 2014 and if you’re behind the curve, it’s time to get in front of it. Whether you are the ma & pa flower store, or the mid-sized storage rental business, there are many ways going with a mobile application can be very beneficial to all parties.

What’s it gonna do?

This is a very important question because the project can’t get off the ground without an idea. Going back to the small floral shop, you’ve gotta start by identifying their infrastructure and needs. One example you might run into is the question, “How do people order online?” If they don’t you’ve got an idea to start from. From there we would show you examples of our past work and then advise you on the next step.

What devices?

Super simple. Android all the way. Enough said. right? Well wrong unfortunately. Currently on the market there a 3 mobile phone devices but most only work with 2 of these, Android and iPhone. The differences between these two are best argued between strangers, but it boils down to it being free to port to android but Apple has their own in-house vetting department. If you can’t decide on which, CCS can go through you demographics and help you based on that.

Now what’s it gonna look like?

Design is almost if not more important that the app itself. People don’t want a screen full of numbers, 0’s and 1’s. They want sleek, modern, and ease of use. We have a UX/Design staff that’s only job it to make sure that not  only do you find the mobile application aesthetically pleasing, but your average customer or client will too.

What will it do for me?

That is the most important question, because although it is exciting to have your own application out there for people to use, no one want to do this for fee. Depending on the purpose of the app the choice boils down to selling it via the app stores so you make your money there or downloading for free onto clients phones for a purpose such as online purchases.

Creative Clarity understands that the idea sounds almost too big, or impossible, but that’s where we excel. We help companies ,who don’t have the time or resources, make the impossible, possible. Whether your a small or mid-sized company, we help make those dreams into a reality.Mobile-Apps-Development-Header-e1368819583820

If you would like to discuss how we at Creative Clarity can help you assess the impact and success of releasing a mobile application , then please contact us at 615-454-5678 or Email us  at