Network Security

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Where’s your Security?

Photo hacking and identity theft is all the rage now. You hear it in the news and around your neighborhood. From movie stars to neighbors it seems the issue of online network security is hitting closer to home than most like to think. When it comes to your company, more often than not it is better to be more than secure than not. Creative Clarity goes out of it’s way to ensure security and privacy for all of our clients.

Physical Servers

We pride ourselves on hosting via our own physical servers. The cloud can be so fickle at times. So why not add that step of physical security so that you’re not wondering what happens if there is something wrong with your ability to connect to the internet.

Cloud Storage

Even when having our own servers, we understand that convenience of cloud storage and implement it into our hosting packages so that you can access your information from anywhere! This also adds another backup for your information.


We acknowledge the need for responsive service with people whom you can trust, which is why Creative Clarity guarantees responsive service. A call to us is almost like a knock on a neighbor’s door.


If your information is sensitive, we make sure it stays encrypted while in storage and transmission via the internet.

These are just a few of the elements we hit. We incorporate a lot more and are willing to work to make your site and information secure. So give us a call at 615-454-5678 and let’s get your website needs taken care of, or email us at and tell us if your current site needs work. We’re here and ready to make your dreams, any size, become reality.