Networking for A Small Business

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Networking for Your Small Business

Who do you know?

It’s a cut throat world out there today, and for a small business it seems like all the clientele you’d like to work with are hard to reach. That’s where networking becomes your friend. Have you ever sat down somewhere, reviewing an email, and noticed it seems like you’re not the only one there doing that? It’s probably because you’re not. Chances are your favorite quiet spot out of the office to do some work may be a few others’ as well.Networking

Here’s a tip. Reach out to those people. Say hi, introduce yourself casually and find out if they too are one of the many small business owners in this country working hard for their dreams. Once you’ve done that, reach out. Start with an email address or a business card. You never know, there may be a way for your businesses to work together.

JC Rucker

JC Rucker Associate Systems Analyst

Who do they know?

The buck doesn’t stop with just your circle. When you’re networking you need to know not only just a few other business professionals, but other professionals they know. The goal is to create a web of networking strands. You may know a painter, and he may know a guy that does drywall, and that drywall guy might know a flooring guy and so on and so forth. This is how you increase the size of your Network.

NetworkingWhat then?

Well you never stop. Networking is something you keep doing. You meet more and more people. Go to meet ups. Join networking sites. Pass out those business cards. The more you put yourself out there eventually someone is going to notice!

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