New Year, New Web Design Look: Creative Clarity Solutions

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

New Year, New Web Design Look – Creative Clarity Solutions

It’s almost the New Year! This is good news for tons of reasons. One big reason is the chance for a new start. Say you didn’t have the best year for your company, or say you had a great year – Creative Clarity Solutions can turn that bad year around or continue your businesses growth into 2015. How? Our keen knowledge of web design and web development.

The Team

Our strong team of experienced IT experts can turn your simple website into an attractive welcome from your company. Michael Amburgey, founded Creative Clarity as Greenlight Web Design in 2004. He is also the Director of Development for Creative Clarity Solutions — heading all major web, mobile, and client-based application and development projects. Michael has a vast array of experience in design concepts, software development life-cycles, and experience in almost every major development language core, along with a proven track record in database, data warehousing, and data-layer design.

Nick Caron, Design Director at Creative Clarity Solutions, I am primarily responsible for the creative direction of projects ranging from web design and internet marketing to graphic design including logos and branding, brochures and other print media. Nick has an Associates of Applied Sciences degree in Graphics Design from Academy College. Nick has worked in many political campaign start-ups, having generated business for Creative Clarity Solutions as a 360 degree solution for campaign start-ups and other small businesses needing a web presence or marketing and branding. His unique ability to visually demonstrate a ‘clear vision’ for our customers and his peers is not only a tremendous asset to our customers both small and large, but also for our internal development team which rely heavily on his UI/UX skill-set and knowledge.

Randy Hall, Director of Data Services, Randy specializes in analyzing, developing, creating strategy, and optimizing services related to data transformations, data manipulation, ETL, structure, storage, and interaction – including data integrated with client applications, web applications, mobile, and database systems ranging from DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Randy has a wide range of expertise and business acumen in both domestic and international business practices that include data integration, systems design, and ETL processes from legacy systems globally that include systems from Japan, Europe, South East Asia, South America and North America.

Samantha DiBiccari, Director of Marketing and Social Media, is a 2013 graduate of Belmont University. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Sports & Media has given her the skills to communicate smoothly with the public giving clients and potential clients exactly what they need, as well as promote our company. Samantha’s media background provides this company with a skill set in creating and editing our promotional and tutorial videos. Having experience interning for top companies such as Madison Square Garden and NewsChannel 5, Samantha brings Creative Clarity a sharp, young, and innovative mind to the company.

Our proven history of increasing revenue in companies by creating their web design and application development is the best way to start your 2015. Whatever you want to spend, we will customize your website look to be exactly what you need to grow your company.

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