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Website Design & Developmentslider-img6

Website design & development can be a confusing and intimidating project, but Creative Clarity Solutions, Inc. will simplify this important business transformation. Your website may need databases, e-commerce, or integration of social networking profiles from Facebook and Twitter onto your website. No matter your requirements, our experienced development team will create a custom solution that is both compatible with today’s web standards and functional for your needs.

Content Management System (CMS)

A system designed to simplify the creation, publication, and editing of web content to websites. These systems are particularly great for the inexperienced user who has little or no knowledge of HTML, CSS, or other web languages.

Search Engine Optimized Content (SEO)slider-img9

The custom content will be written primarily to attract search engine traffic using keywords to draw attention to specific pages and places of information within the website. This language read differently than the way you’d expect a book or a magazine article to read, but it is a time-tested and important part of marketing your website to Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines. In addition to the content itself, search engine optimization also makes use of meta tags, header keyword research, and linking structure to better serve the search engines.

 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Often confused with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a wider-scoped marketing technique to drive traffic to your website. While SEO helps the website reach the search engines, but SEM uses a variety of factors to help the search engine favor one website over another.


Web Site Maintenance

Maintenance Plans

One of the most critical and important offerings for Creative Clarity’s clients are our Website Maintenance solutions. For customers who have ever-changing needs, and ever-changing website content, our maintenance package is highly preferred by our clients, and comes highly recommended by our company. Maintenance packages not only include fielding change requests from our clients, but also include content updates, page revisions, page additions, and image updates. We offer the following maintenance plans that are varied based on our customer’s needs:

  • One-time website maintenance (up to 5 hours of service – including change request processing)
  • One-time website maintenance (up to 10 hours of service – including change request processing)
  • 3-month website maintenance contract (up to 5 hours of service per month – including change request processing)
  • 12-month website maintenance contract (up to 5 hours of service per month – including change request processing)

Worry-Free Updateschat-bubble

A powerful and much-needed service we offer is the back-up and restore option. Given the
sometimes volatile and sensitive content on the web, attempts to hack or compromise a
website’s content or database is common — having the Creative Clarity Back-up and Restore option helps ensure that we keep back-ups of your website on a frequent basis and have the ability to down a 0% downtime restore of the website from a chosen back-up copy of the client’s choice.


This valuable service is billed monthly and is terminated if the client signs a waiver of service for back-up and restore, at which time the monthly billing fee will be waived, as will the discontinuing of the service.


Website Hosting Packages

Bronze Hosting Package

This hosting package includes a free domain registration (.net/.com/.org) for the first year,
20MB of storage space, 10,000MB of monthly bandwidth usage, 2 FTP accounts, up to 2 e-mail domains, and up to 3 e-mail accounts, in addition to 1 MySQL database w a single database administrator account.

Silver Hosting Package

This hosting package includes a free domain registration (.net/.com/.org) for the first year,
50MB of storage space, 20,000MB of monthly bandwidth usage, 3 FTP accounts, up to 3 e-mail domains, and up to 10 e-mail accounts, in addition to 3 MySQL database with up to 3 individual database administrator accounts.

Gold Hosting Package

This hosting package includes up a free domain registration (.net/.com/.org) for the first year, up to 3 domain names added-on or parked to the client’s hosting account, and 2-year registration of the free domain name. Also includes 250MB of storage space, 50,000MB of monthly bandwidth usage, 7 FTP accounts, up to 5 e-mail domains, and unlimited e-mail accounts, in addition to 5 MySQL databases with up to 5 database administrator account. SSL and CGI/Perl/SSI technologies are included, enabling a secure and dynamic website.


Exclusive Rights

Content Rights Agreement

Offered per website domain, our Exclusive Content Rights allow our customers to openly and outright own all files, content, and configurations for their website, including copies of their branding/logos (if applicable) in high-resolution format, and the entire contents of  their website (@ launch-time), backed-up to disk and mailed/delivered for transfer of ownership.


Print Services & Graphic Designservices-collage-large

After sharpening your brand image, then it’s time for consistent application across all marketing materials. Brand consistency enhances your professional reputation and helps clients immediately recognize your company. Creative Clarity is the Nashville graphic design firm to help you reach this goal.

Logo Design / Branding

We can customize a unique, quality logo to appear in all your print and online designs, as well as any promotional giveaway items. A customized letterhead with your newly designed logo is a clever way to top off follow-up letters or thank-you notes after networking activities. Full-service business solutions from Creative Clarity will help position your brand at the forefront of the marketplace.

Logos can be purely graphical, purely type (text-based), or a combination of both. Though it may seem like a complex, photo-like “logo” is best, the opposite is likely true. Research has shown that simple, clean logos are significantly more memorable and thus more successful than their more cluttered counterparts. Almost all of the most famous brands in the world are using a very simplistic, but memorable icon.


If your company has advertising or informational needs, allow Creative Clarity to design a unique single-page, bi-fold, or tri-fold brochure to show off your company in a creative way, while also offering unique content that is both creative, useful, and informative to your prospective clients and customers.


Allow Creative Clarity to carry your branding throughout your company, from web to print by bringing your brand into company and corporate letterheads or invoicing.


Let our experienced staff be the source of any signage design needs, whether it be graphical, print-signs, or vinyl. Be it banners vertical or horizontal, or third-party design for vendor printing, we can handle the task.


Application Development

Client Apps

We are highly experienced, well-versed, and progressive-thinking in our Client application development. Ranging from WCF Web Services, C#, VB.NET, Java, and other client-based desktop languages, we can offer incredible development at a competitive cost. Contact us today to learn more.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application design is becoming more and more crucial for businesses and the age of point-and-click on the personal computer is giving way to pinch-and-zoom of cell phones, smart phones, and tablets. When you want your brand and content to flow from any internet-accessible device, then let Creative Clarity solve this problem building you a fully scalable website that integrates with standard web browsers, iPhone, iPad, other tablets, and Android smartphones.



Social Media Integration (SMI)social-media-branding

Facebook Integration

Using developer-level tools from Facebook, we’re able to integrate Facebook functions, features, and controls such as “Like” buttons, “Share” buttons, and on-site widgets to show
listings of friends, etc.

Twitter Integration

Twitter integration allows users of your website to view Twitter feeds from people following your website account on Twitter, as well as “tweeting” or “re-tweeting” items, news, or postings from your website to their Twitter account, all without leaving your website.

LinkedIn Integration

The LinkedIn integration allows users to follow you or your company on LinkedIn, update
LinkedIn status updates, and synchronize user/organization profiles from LinkedIn into your website.


Single Sign-on Integration (SSO)

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect makes it easier for you to take your online identity with you all over the Web, share what you do online with your friends and stay updated on what they’re doing. You won’t have to create separate accounts for every website, just use your Facebook login  wherever Connect is available.

Twitter “Anywhere”

Talk about an easy implementation! Twitter’s new “Anywhere” platform is now available to connect with, enabling users on your site and Twitter hovercards, a basic service which creates dynamically linked Twitter accounts on your site. This sign-on/connect method is dynamic, simple to interact with, and widely available.

Other “SSO” Methods

Other SSO Methods for Single Sign-on can be implemented, as needed. Offering this to our
customer base is important for those who utilize Content Management Platforms (CMS) such as Joomla, Volusions, etc. using login authentication with LDAP, and more.


e-Commerce Integration

The buying and selling of products or services over the internet using an internet store.

Internet sales have become an extremely important part of the service and retail industries. In fact, so much so that there are now many large companies who cut their overhead by converting much or all of their businesses to the internet.

An e-Commerce Shopping Cart from Creative Clarity can be customized to match the colors, theme, and style of your website; as well as function as a form of revenue generation.

PayPal “Buy Now” Integration

Having PayPal integration on a website instills a secure and confident e-Commerce solution for our client’s customers. Utilized especially for individuals or small businesses not needing a full-fledged e-Commerce solution, this method is simpler, quicker to integrate, and scalable for small businesses.

CubeCart e-Commerce Install/Configuration

CubeCart is an open-source and licensed e-Commerce solution that is fully-functioning and scalable for our clients. It’s a more cost-effective and rapidly deployed approach to larger e-Commerce needs.

Fully-Integrated Volusions e-Commerce Solution

Volusions e-Commerce is a full-fledge shopping cart integration with full CMS editor, product-offering database, search-engine capable, and highly scalable for medium to large-sized businesses, meeting most any need of organizations needing a large e-Commerce platform.