Real Time Data Analytics

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

What Can Real Time Analytics Do for You?

For small businesses, analytics can seem a bit too much. Maybe you’re not all that tech savvy, or maybe you think analytics mean you have to hire some IT staff you can’t afford. Well we’re here to tell you that today analytics is cost effective and Creative Clarity can help!

Analytic tools

Today most of the technology you use has an analytic tool of some sort. Your phone can tell you how much data you use, and Google can tell you who’s viewing your website. These tools are more often than not free! However you might find them a little daunting or complicated.

What CCS can do for you

Creative Clarity’s IT specialist can help make this simple for you by managing the complicated parts for you. We can help monitor your SEO, social media data, and even relay to you pertinent traffic data.

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What we do with this

We can take all of that messy data and translate it into terms and even imagery that you can understand. We can then help you if you’re lacking in site traffic or marketing, by pointing you in the right direction. The direction of engaging your customers. We work in real time too! If you need it done, we’re here.

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So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 615-454-5678 and let’s get your analytic needs taken care of, or email us at and tell us if your current site needs work. We’re here and ready to make your dreams, any size, become reality.