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Friday, August 15th, 2014

Social Media Marketing: Tips to Takesocial-media-branding

August 15th, 2014

Written by JC Rucker

Reaching out via social media at one point was a new thing. We weren’t sure the total impact would be, but we could speculate. Unfortunately very many businesses were wrong and many companies were left in the dust. So if you’re not branding your business via Twitter, Facebook, etc; then get to it and here are some tips from Creative Clarity on Social Media marketing.


It’s not enough to post once or twice a week. If you want to reach out then you have to post to your page several times a week, every day that you are open. Your clientele will see the consistency. They’ll know your active. Social media marketing requires constant updating.


When you’re posting try to keep everything short and sweet. Sites such as Twitter have a character limit of 140. Make it something that catches their eye. “Rita makes wonderful flower arrangements for your special one!” just rolls on by the eye, however “Rita’s Flower’s for Her!” with a picture in the post will stop the eye right on your post. See, short and sweet. Don’t just stop at wall posts either. Blog about it. Blog about similiar businesses. Then promote those as well!

Advertise$$Social Media Marketing

Don’t be afraid to put a little advertisement in your social media posts. It’s great for business as long as it’s not spammed several times a day. A 10% sale advertisement might just catch the flies as sweet as honey would. Your social media marketing may depend on it.

Do It!!!!

It’s not enough to want to boost your social media traffic. You have to do it! Put in the time and effort. Put it the work. What if you don’t have the time? The staff? The know how?

Creative Clarity Solutions^^

See what i did there? I said advertising wasn’t a bad idea. Creative Clarity is here to help you if you need it. We use tools like WordPress and Jetpack, as well as other content management systems to push your brand out to the masses. Want to check it out? Then feel free to contact us!


If you would like to meet with us to discuss how we can improve your social media marketing contact us at (615) 454-5678 or email us at