Success of Social Media Marketing

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

How Social Media Marketing Made One Man A Success!

9/3/2014 Written by JC Rucker

At Creative Clarity we understand the importance of social media marketing. It’s a concept that we as a small business back 100%. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all the rage and we want to help others reach out to their customers the way we do.Social Media Marketing

However, proof comes with multiple stories. I spoke on the phone today with a successful direct sales agent well known throughout the music and club scene in Nashville about how social media marketing changed his life.

Le-Vel's Jonny Fiction

Le-Vel’s Jon Collins, a.k.a. Jonny Fiction

Jon Collins, or as everyone knows you, Jonny Fiction, tell me about yourself.

Jonny: Well I moved to Nashville, and there I did a lot of marketing and promoting for clubs, bars, and even my own band. I did a lot of it, but flyers and billboards don’t cut it anymore. When I heard about Le-Vel’s social media approach I jumped on board.

What do you do for Le-Vel?

Jonny: I’m a direct sales promoter. We handle a large amount of customer acquisition selling a product that makes people feel better in health and appearance.

So how has social media had an impact on your business with Le-Vel?

 Jonny: First of all, Le-Vel is cloud based. That means it’s all online. There are no offices, and there are no buildings. Now since because its all online, that means our promoters have to go there to accomplish their goals. They’re in your news feed with pictures and testimonies. There aren’t any fliers, and nobody’s calling you. They’re just on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. Nowadays people want to buy what their friends like, share, or have bought, and they’ll see that via social media. 

Where do you think you would be without the impact from social media marketing?

 Jonny: Well, not in my 7 series BMW! Realistically, I don’t want to have to think about where I would be without the impact social media has had on my success.

Wow! Last question. Do you recommend that entrepreneurs and small business owners focus more time on social media marketing, or at least use a company such as ours to help them manage that?

Jonny: Absolutely! When was the last time a commercial, or a radio ad, or a billboard convinced you to buy anything. These days you’re buying things based off of what your Facebook friends like. Personally I love the sponsored ads on Facebook. They know what I like and they’re showing it to me. When I see ones I like, I click them and read. That marketing knows me and relates those ads to me. Like our promoters do to our clients. That kind of marketing is phenomenal!


Jon Collins is just one of many successful promoters for the Le-Vel product “Thrive”. you can check him out @ They use social media marketing as their main source of customer acquisition. If you’d like to talk with us about how Creative Clarity can help you with your social media presence please contact us at (615) 454-5678 or email us at