Taking a Look at Your Web Design

Friday, October 24th, 2014
by JC RuckerCreative Clarity Web Development website deisgn

When you look at your web design, are you looking at it as it’s site owner or as a customer? This is an important question because one of them is the wrong choice.

Which one is it though?

Looking at it from your eyes…Web Design, Small Business

You may have budgeted a bit of cash for your site, and after all the hassle you are very proud of your site and it’s design. That’s great! It’s a huge thing for you to feel proud of your site and it’s content. However you have to bring a little humility to the table. Does your site represent you and what you want, or your brand?

Many small and growing business owners lose sight of how their site reflects their mission or goals. What may please you may not provide the best user experience for your customers. When eye balling your site, maybe there’s a different way to evaluate it.

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Give your site the customer audit…

The easiest way to evaluate your web design is by giving your site a customer audit. Communicate directly with your users. Ask them the hard questions. Does this site do what you need it to do? Do you have any problems? You can even add a suggested edits link! This is one outlet to get direct feedback from your users!

Keep in mind however, it is almost impossible to please everyone and no one site can do everything. Only improve what is a priority to your brand. If your customers want a mobile responsive site, but your content is too much to compile on that format, you might not need a mobile responsive site.

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Whose eyes are you looking through?


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