Do I Need A Website?

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Yes, you need a website! Creative Clarity Web Development website deisgn

August 14, 2014
Written by JC Rucker

Is it shocking to know that most small businesses either do not have a website, or do not know how to keep their current one up to date? It is to us. Today there are many smaller companies who either hired a person someone knew how to do a website and left it at that, or don’t know the impact of their web presence on their business.

JC Rucker

JC Rucker Associate Systems Analyst

Creative Clarity is just one of many companies to choose from when you’re considering your web design and development. We offer top notch design and hosting. However what separates us from the rest is our dedication to being responsive to your needs.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have seen my share of beautifully designed web pages that have been left to age with no updates. This is usually due to a breakdown between the site owner and the developer. It’s a very common mistake it seems for a owner to request updates to their site, and then never see them done. So what happens? The owners are usually too busy to follow through and then they’re left with a defunct site.

We like to follow through. We answer your calls and emails because we care about every client. Without our clients we wouldn’t have a business. We also emphasize on going above and beyond the plane Jane website creation and hosting. Did your last web host tell you about your web presence? Did they monitor SEO? Chances are they didn’t and that is a large oversight.

In order to get traffic to your site and then hopefully business to your bank, you need to make sure that when searching for your site, the key words a potential client types into their search bar are prominent through out your entire site. If you don’t know what this means, then let us here at Creative Clarity Solutions sit with you and explain.

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