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Monday, December 1st, 2014

Web Design, Application Development, Identity & Branding: See What Creative Clarity Has Done For Clients

Creative Clarity Solutions is more than just a web solutions company, we are an ALL SOLUTIONS company, offering IT development and consulting, whether it be web/client development and programming, process automation, tuning, optimization, or systems integration. We focus on making your life easier by developing a custom solution for your ever-growing business with our highly skilled team of experts. We offer this for your company’s web design, application development, and identity & branding. Here are some examples of the work we have done.

Web Design

One of our clients in which their web design was created by Creative Clarity Solutions is Endres Custom Homes. For them, we’ve created their web design, graphic design, and hosting. Take a look at their website and the work we’ve done: http://endrescustomhomes.com/about-us/.

Another client is Hixon & Burger: General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Check out their design, development, maintenance, and hosting at their website http://www.hixonandburger.com/practice.htm.

Application Development

We also are experts in application development.  One of our clients is  i-HEP; a home exercise program. For this client we did their design, development, SEO (search engine optimization), video and audio. For i-HEP’s website, you can see real life videos of people exercising. This shows how in depth we can make your website. Check theirs out https://i-hep.com/.

Identity & Branding

The branding of your company is extremely important. You need to make sure new, old, and potential clients can identify you by through using consistent colors, fonts, logos, etc. Creative Clarity did Cardinal Tattoo’s design, print, and branding: http://cardinaltattoo.com/.

We also make marketing and print media for clients. Marketing packages included business card design, marketing brochure bi-fold design, skyscraper convention banner design, and accompanying website design for full branding and marketing solution.

Whatever it is that you need to boost your company through Creative Clarity Solutions can do. You have an idea, we make it a reality!


Visit Creative Clarity Solutions at www.creative-clarity.com or call us to get a consultation at 615-454-5678.